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A multiple-choice of day trips: active, cultural, or wildlife.

Choose the one that best fits you or customize it the way you would like it to be.


On this page, you’ll find several day trips in different regions in Romania. Choose the type of day trips you are interested in. Whether you would like an active tour, a wildlife experience, or learn about the local culture, you’ll surely find something on your interest here.

And if you feel like these day trips could be adjusted to better fit your needs, you can contact us for a personalized day trip.

You can use the Custom Tour form or Contact form to let us know what kind of day trip you prefer and its whereabouts. You can even choose activities from other tours and combine them if the location and time make it possible.

Tell us as many details you have in mind for your perfect day trip. We’ll then configure the tour based on your expectations. Tell us if you have your own means of transportation, prefer a particular type of food, or no meals at all included. We’ll send you an offer for you to be satisfied with both the tour and its price.

Day Trips

Szekely Rock in Rimetea – day tour

Szekely Rock in Rimetea – day tour

A unique place in Transylvania, at the foothills of Szekely Rock, lies the village of Rimetea. Thanks to its unique 19th-century architecture and the care of its inhabitants it became the first rural site in Romania to be presented with the Europa Nostra award for...

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The Alba Carolina Citadel – day tour

The Alba Carolina Citadel – day tour

Located in the city of Alba Iulia, just 70 km from Sibiu, the Alba Carolina citadel is one of the most spectacular fortifications in the entire country and also the largest. Alba Carolina - the settlement and its vestiges go through 2000 years of history. It started...

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Doamnei Valley to Balea – day hiking tour

Doamnei Valley to Balea – day hiking tour

  Hiking in Doamnei Valley. Explore the pristine nature of Fagaras mountains in this full-day hiking tour. Our route starts at the Balea Waterfalls and takes us up to Balea lake through Valea Doamnei (would translate as Lady's Valley) - a natural wild valley, climbing...

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The villages around Sibiu: Marginimea  – day trip

The villages around Sibiu: Marginimea – day trip

Discover old traditions in the villages from Marginimea Sibiului.   The villages at the base of Cindrel mountains, surrounding the city of Sibiu at southwest, are a living proof of the multicultural history of Transylvania. From German-Saxon villages with their...

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Avrig by bike: a day cycling trip

Avrig by bike: a day cycling trip

Want to see a diversity of landscapes, traditions and cultures in just one day? You should then try this cycling trip that starts in Avrig. Avrig is the suggested starting point but being a circle tour we can start it anywhere else along the route.This cycling trip...

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Bear watching in The Carpathians – day trip

Bear watching in The Carpathians – day trip

Would you like to do the most of your time during your trip in Transylvania? If experiencing something unique is your goal, this bear watching tour will definitely satisfy you. Bear watching and wildlife observations in general, don't always 100% guarantee to see the...

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Other suggested day trips:


Active Day Trips:


Cycling in Transylvania:

  • Saxon villages and fortified churches cultural bike tour;
  • Mountainbiking on the trails of Cindrel Mountains;
  • Forgotten crafts in the old Romanian villages-Marginime by bike;
  • Climbing/Crossing the famous Transfagarasan Road


Hiking in Transylvania:

  • Paths of Cindrel Mountains(hiking&wildlife observation);
  • The Heights of Fagaras Mountains(hiking&mountain fauna&flora);
  • Transylvanian Villages through Forests (hiking&culture)

Others: We might be able to arrange activities like trail-running, canoeing, and horseback-riding depending on the region.



Wildlife Day Trips:

  • Bear watching at the bear hide (evening activity);
  • Birdwatching&Bearwatching Day Trip (Zarnesti Gorges-Stramba Valley);
  • Birdwatching Boat tour in Danube Delta
  • Wildlife observations in the ancient forests of Breite Plateau



Cultural Day Trips:

  • Traditions&Culture on Hartibaciu valley from Sibiu to Sighisoara;
  • Medieval Burzeland (Bran Castle; Rasnov Fortress; Brasov-old town; The fortified church of Prejmer/Harman)
  • Multicultural Dobrogea: Greek ruins, Russian-Lipovan villages, Romanian Monasteries, Turkish mosques, and Genovese fortress
  • Forgotten crafts in the old Romanian villages-Marginime