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Sibiu City Tour

Sibiu City Tour – Discover the city’s history and charming narrow streets in a guided tour through the old town!

The old town of Sibiu, alongside Luxembourg, was the European Cultural Capital in 2007. It is one of the 7 fortified citadels(“Siebenburgen”) built by the German Saxons – a medieval city dating since 1191.

Its 4 belts of fortifications can still be seen today. Within them, narrow streets surrounded by Gothic houses lead towards the “Upper Town” to the baroque buildings bordering the famous squares. Here is where most of the landmarks and monuments are.

The Old Town Tour (2-3hours):

The Evangelical Church and Huet Square – the very heart of Sibiu’s beginnings.

The Small Square connected to the Huet’s Square through the famous Liars’ Bridge.

The Big Square with its many landmarks:  the Brukenthal Museum, the Blue House, the Town Hall, the Romano-Catholic Church, the Haller House.

Cetăţii street with its former towers, walls and bastions.

The panoramic view over the city from the Evangelical Church Tower. Its 73 meters, make it the second-highest in Transylvania. In the same time, it shares a funny story about why it didn’t get to be the highest as it was planned.

Passages and narrow streets, gothic architecture of the lower town as a contrast to the upper town’s baroque buildings:  the Goldsmith Square, the Stairs Passage, the Centumviri Street.

To illustrate the above, here are some pictures to convince you it’s worth the visit.

Sibiu City Tour – Extension 

If you have more time we invite you to visit the traditional market in Sibiu – with fruit, vegetables, meat and cheese coming directly from the local producers.

Furthermore, a walk or cycling through the Sub Arini Park – one of the oldest parks in Romania founded in 1856 will bring us to the Open Air Museum. This is the biggest ethnography museum in Romania, located in the Dumbrava Forest, on the bank of a lake.

At the present the Sub Arini Park stretches over 22 hectares on which you can find 68 tree species, among which 30 are exotic species. Here, we were personally involved in a project called Get to know the nature within your surroundings. The project aims to give easy and accessible information for fauna and flora of the park

The park is created over the former lakes providing water for the city fortification defence system.


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