Cultural Tours

Romania’s geographical position led to a great mixture of cultural influences throughout history.
If you are interested in knowing our country’s history, cultural backgrounds, customs and legends then our cultural tours are what you were looking for.
You will get acquainted with the genuine peasant culture by exploring rural areas, visiting craftsmen and museums or landscapes made famous in literature.
Our tours will guide you to old Transylvanian saxon villages, with imposing fortified churches. They will show you some of the best preserved medieval buildings, some of them being UNESCO heritage monuments (Biertan, Saschiz, Viscri, Călnic, Ransov) and you will visit medieval towns (Sibiu, Sighisoara, Brasov) and amazing castles&citadels (Bran, Peleş, Fagaras, Rasnov).
Danube Delta and Dobrogea offer not only the unique landscape and biodiversity, they also have a rich multi-ethnic cultural heritage to offer. Proofs of multiculturalism are everywhere: from ancient Greek colonies, to Genovese fortresses and Turkish mosks together with the lively lipovan villages. Another great area our tours cover is the north-eastern Bucovina with its treasures: the painted monasteries-also UNESCO monuments.