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Bearwatching Tours in The Carpathians, the last stronghold of the large carnivores populations of Europe.

Intact forest habitats and the low degree of anthropogenic fragmentation of areas inhabited by large carnivores, made possible the existence in Carpathians of around 6300 brown bears, almost 3000 wolves and around 1800 lynx. These numbers represent about 50% of the population of large carnivores in Europe (except Russia).

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Bearwatching Tours

Carpathian Wildlife 4 days Tour

Step into the wilderness of the Carpathian mountains, the last stronghold of the large carnivores populations from Europe, and observe the majestic brown bear in its natural habitat. The little human impact on the forests at the foothills of the Carpathians along with...

Bearwatching in The Carpathians – day tour

Would you like to do the most of your time during your trip in Transylvania? If experiencing something unique is your goal, this bearwatching tour will definitely satisfy you. In wildlife observations chances aren’t always 100% to see bears. Although, during our...

Carpathian Hiking Tour – 8 days

This tour is dedicated to passionate mountain hikers and wildlife-spotting enthusiasts bringing you on the highest and most imposing ridges in the Carpathians. It is addressed to people with a good physical condition and desire to see great landscapes and the...