Who am I?

A tour guide with a love for nature

After working for 5 years in the “back-office” part of tourism I decided to combine work with what I enjoyed doing most: being outdoors in nature. So, since 2012 I am constantly working as a tour guide, most of my tours being dedicated to nature enthusiasts and culture lovers as well.

Danube Delta and The Carpathians are my common destinations as well as the hills of Transylvania, with its old Saxon villages and the fortified churches. Most of the tours I do concentrate on birdwatching and nature knowledge mixed with active discoveries through hiking and cycling. Many of the tours manage to combine this very well with the cultural aspects of the areas.

Short resume:

Languages: I speak English, German, a little French, and pretty good Romanian.

Studies: Bachelor and Master in Ecology&Environment Protection.

Civil responsibility: Founder and vice president of the NGO Tura In Natura, an organization that aims to bring people closer to nature through outdoor activities. One of our main projects is to create bike paths through the special natural and cultural places of Transylvania. From 2011 to 2016 we created over 180 km cycling routes.

Founder of the NGO Cu Verdele-n SUS, an NGO concerned about the environment, with its attention concentrated on the forests and stopping the illegal logging. In the first year of activity, we managed the reforestation of a 3 hectares surface.

Member of VerticalSport Club, which promotes outdoor activities, especially tour-skiing, mountain climbing, and trail running. The club’s purpose is also o support its youngest and most talented athletes.

Member of SibiuGuides, an association of registered tour guides from Sibiu.

Founder and manager of “Cunoaște Natura din jurul tău” (Know the nature within your surroundings)  a project which explains and interprets nature transposing the information for the large public.

 Sports&Hobbies: I am hiking in the Carpathians since I was a child, being a weekend activity we most often had in our family. Almost every year as a child I used to come to the Danube Delta and live with the locals in one of the villages for a week and go fishing by boat through the mysterious labyrinth channels – a passion that didn’t fade through time.

Another great passion I have is the bicycle and everything it means: from building one from parts to cycle tourism. I had some great rides whether it was fully packed and covered broad regions or light-weight mountain biking in the depths of nature.

I am passionate about traditional wine and beer making, both of which I managed to produce at home – I hope we’ll have the chance to share a glass!

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What I do?

What is Natureguide.ro?


Natureguide is a brand based on a tour guiding experience since 2012. It mainly addresses small groups who prefer a tailor-made holiday. Travelers who only have time for a short tour whether nature is their interest or cultural aspects of the places they’d like to get to know are also welcome.

The tours on this website are examples of tours guided until now and can be either booked as they are or they can be adjusted to your needs to have your own personalized tour. Also, if your time frame or interests don’t match with what you find here, or already know how your holiday should look like, please use the Custom Tours section of this website.

Most tours don’t have the travel dates displayed, as they are offered on requests (they can be booked either by private groups or mixed groups) and they can be booked either as they are or they can be customized.

By building a strong relationship with partner travel agencies, accommodation units, and colleague tour guides, together we can make sure to bring you the most tempting customized offer for your dream holiday.

Now that we caught your attention, check out our tours!

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Groups and Tours


Whether you are traveling alone or with a small group of friends, a group organizer, or a tourist interested in joining a bigger group there is a solution for every situation. For groups of up to 6 persons, we can use either a minibus or a passenger car and for bigger groups, we’ll rent a bus. As for the water transportation in the Danube Delta, we have even more options: from 2-persons canoe, to speed boats, cruise boats and even floating hotels, depending on the group size. The accommodation in the Danube Delta can be on floating hotels for groups between 12 and 20 or guesthouses in the scarce villages of the delta for smaller ones.


As the tours are mainly concentrated on nature exploring, groups of over 20 persons are not recommended, although if needed, some of the tours could adapt to a higher capacity.