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What better way to explore a region if not through a cycling tour?

From adrenalin rush mountain biking to laid back cross country touring on scenic roads, you name it. You can find both of the types by joining our cycling tours in Romania.


Cycling Tours in Romania

The cycling tours we offer explore parts of Romania in the best and most interesting mode. This way, if you’re not just a cyclist gathering ridden kilometres, you have the chance to enjoy the real tempo of Romania’s friendliness and hospitality.

Whether you are passionate about history and culture in general or you’re a keen nature and wildlife enthusiast, you can find a perfect mix of those activities in our cycling tours.

In addition, our routes go through scenic landscapes with little traffic and besides the well-known highlights, they offer some precious hidden gems. Forgotten handicrafts, old traditional recipes and some wildlife rarities are just a few of the expected encounters during our cycling tours.

Cycling Tours in Transylvania

If you got Transylvania in mind and you are keen on cycling, you are in the right place. The mild hills crossed by gravel country roads that connect old Saxon villages, easy to recognize by their fortified churches are great for a bike-trekking tour. We’ll cycle through colourful meadows full of butterflies and field flowers, accompanied by the calls of singing birds to explore beautiful landscapes and to get in contact with the rural culture.

If you want more and you can’t wait to test your mountain biking skills on the Carpathian trails, then an MTB Tour will definitely impress you with the views you’ll find once on top of the mountains and the refreshing rich forests until getting there.

Cycling Tours in Dobrogea and Danube Delta

The Asian steppe entering this eastern side of Romania called Dobrogea offers great views and even greater cycling roads. Don’t let the low altitude fool you, some hill climbs can be quite demanding. But at the same time, also rewarding, not only with the upcoming downhill bits but also with the spectacular views.

And the Danube Delta, even if at first it might sound weirs ti cycle there, rest assure it is possible. And it is fantastic! It’s true that without a boat you can’t go all the way but our cycling tours in the delta take care of all those logistic details.

What bike to use?

Don’t feel discouraged if you didn’t bring your bike with you. We can offer you fully equipped bicycles (28-inch wheels trekking bikes), helmets, bike panniers, repair kit and technical assistance.

There are also a few operators that rent pretty good E-bikes for both touring and mtb and we’ll be happy to assist you with the rental process.

What is the best time for a cycling trip?

If you’re looking for the best time, then probably May, June and September. Then again, nature has its beauties to display throughout the entire year and with proper equipment, there’s no bad weather.

So our advice, if you’re looking for multi-day cycling tours then take into consideration the period from late April to early October. Though for one day tours, especially if you decide spontaneously, even November or March can offer really nice cycling days. Cycling in the extreme summer heat or on snow are to be avoided though. Therefore we wouldn’t quite recommend mid-July to mid-August.

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Didn’t find on this page the tour you wished for? No problem, maybe we can configure a new tour if you give us some details of what regions you would like to see.

Regions like Maramures, Bucovina, Apuseni or Banat are also quite interesting to explore by bike. Although we don’t directly operate tours in the area, some trails are familiar and we could configure a personalised tour if your interest is towards those regions. And we have partners and colleague tour guides who we can recommend in case the region you’re interested in is better know by them.

Just let us know, for sure we can find the best option for you!

Cycling Tours
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