Wildlife experience

Our activity is concentrated on a variety of nature holidays and wildlife tours that include bearwatching, birdwatching and fauna&flora observations altogether.
Danube Delta is definitely a top European birdwtching destination. Together with it, a few days around the Carpathians will complete your birdlist. The meadows of Hartibaciu Plateau in Transylvania, the second largest Natura2000 Site in Romania is home of a great variety of butterflies and other insects. Moth identification trips can bring surprising species to light.
The tours below is what we organize more often and can be booked either as they are or could serve you as an example to configure your own desired tour.
We can organize tours for both larger groups (20 people) and small groups or individual persons. For some of the tours though, the group size is limited to 6 persons for environmental reasons.
The main season for nature observation and birdwatching begins in April and lasts until late November. Winter time can be great for resident bird observations and spotting large carnivore tracks.