• medieval fortified church in Cristian (Grossau)
  • Museum of Painted Glass Icons in Sibiel
  • ethnographic museum of Rasinari
  • old Orthodox church in Sibiel
  • cheese tasting in Poplaca

We’ll start by visiting the fortified Lutheran Church in Cristian (Grossau). It is a German-Saxon settlement dating since 1223. To the german speaking ethnic group later was added in 1734 a population of Landlers. They were banished for being Lutherans in a Catholic Austrian Empire that was trying to win back it’s influence. In Places like Sibiel, Poplaca and Rasinari we’ll see the old Orthodox Churches. They represent a religion that although nowadays is the majority, had its struggle during the medieval times and even later during the Habsburg domination. We’re going to see former Greek Catholic Churches in the villages Sibiel and Rasinari, a symbol of sacrifice for the Romanians in Transylvania. They had to give up on Orthodoxism as a sole solution for keeping the national identity.

The visits in this tour also includes the Museum of Painted Glass Icons in Sibiel, the ethnographic museum of Rasinari and we’re going to stop for a cheese tasting picnic, to try different types of cheese typical for a region where one of the main occupation was shepherding and cheese making.


Difficulty level

This is a walking tour and it doesn’t involve any unusual effort.

Even the hike in the extension is on a paved path so basically it is also a walk but it is a bit steep.

Car transfers from point to point are short, around 15 minutes each.


Extended tour

Extension 1 – Cisnadioara and Cisnadie

On our way back to Sibiu we’re going to make a short hike to reach the top of the hill in Cisnadioara. There we’ll visit one of the few Romanesque basilicas in Transylvania kept unmodified and we’re going to find out about the legends of the huge round rocks brought up there.

Our final stop will be the town of Cisnadie. There we will visit the precinct of the medieval fortification and the Lutheran church itself.

Alternative 1 – the basic tour by bike

This is a very nice route that can be easily done by bicycle. 

This tour is recommended to be booked at least one day in advance.
Basic Tour: €60  per person for 2 persons, €40 per person for for 3-4 persons.
Extended tour:  €70  per person for 2 persons, €50 per person for 3-4 persons.
The tours are also available for larger groups. We’ll need to know first the number of participants in order to adjust the price.
*Price includes: guide, car transfer, picnic. Entry fees are not included.


  • villages-dorfer-Marginimea Sibiului


Sibiu Old Town city guided tour

The old town of Sibiu which alongside Luxembourg was the European Cultural Capital in 2007, is one of the 7 fortified citadels(“Siebenburgen”) built by the German Saxons – a medieval city dating since 1191. It’s 4 belts of fortifications can still be seen today and within them, narrow streets surrounded by Gothic houses lead towards the “Upper Town” to the baroque buildings bordering the famous squares where most of the landmarks and monuments are.