The star-shaped citadel comprises all pre existent fortifications and several impressive landmarks that we’ll get to visit, such as:

  • the Roman-Catholic Cathedral
  • the Orthodox Coronation Cathedral
  • the 4 gates of the citadel, each with it’s own particularities and charm
  • the Roman ruins
  • the National Union Museum
  • the Union hall



Difficulty level

This is a walking tour through the paved old historical center of the city and it doesn’t involve any unusual effort.

The transfer from Sibiu takes about an hour.

Extension 1 – Corvin Castle

Another 2 hours driving (back and forth) to be added to the total time of the program. The visit of the castle doesn’t involve any unusual effort.

Extension 2 – combining Culture with Nature

Although the hike is not very long or steep, proper hiking shoes are recommended. It will take us about 45 minutes to reach the top of the cliff where the ruins are. Additionally, we can walk through the Rimetea village and hike on the hill opposite to the Szeklars rock for spectacular views of the village and mountain.


Extended tour

Extension 1 – visiting the Corvin Castle (Hunedoara)

From Alba Iulia we’ll drive further west for about an hour towards Hunedoara to visit the Corvin Castle. Built in a GothicRenaissance style, the castle is one of the largest in Eastern Europe and unique both due to it’s appearance and its myths and legends.

Extension 2 – combining Culture with Nature

After the visit of the citadel we head north towards the wonderful village of Râmetea, a gemstone for the rural area of Transylvania. On our way there we’ll cross the spectacular limestone carved gorges of Aiud (Vălisoara) which are also a geological and botanical protected area. Here we might spot the Alpine swifts and Wallcreepers as well as an impressive number of colorful flowers and butterflies. We’ll pass next to the ruins of the 13th century fortification of Torockóvár citadel placed imposingly on top of the Trascău mountain cliffs. A short hike to the ruins will reward us with a magnificent view over the Szeklars Rock(1128m) and Rimetea village place at its foothills.

Finally, we’ll arrive in Rimetea, a well preserved village granted with the Europa Nostra award for preserving its cultural and arhitectural heritage. Its typical white houses with green window frames are the result of Austrian and Hungarian cultures that coexisted here for centuries.


This tour is recommended to be booked at least one day in advance.

Basic Tour: €60  per person for 2 persons, €40 per person for 3-4 persons.
Extended Tour: €75  per person for 2 persons, €65 per person for 3-4 persons.
*Price includes: guide, car transfer. Entry fees are not included.
Both tours are also available for larger groups. We’ll need to know first the number of participants in order to adjust the price.