We did a short hiking trip today through the Transylvanian woods in search for the Bear Garlic plants (Allium ursinum) and other early plants. The nature is truly alive, we were accompanied the whole time by the calls of singing birds and flowers like Wood Violet, Purple Hellebore, Lungwort, Wood Spurge, Dog’s-tooth-Violet that were everywhere between the Lesser Celandine leaves, covering the forest’s floor. A few species of butterflies were already active and a great number of frog eggs were laid in almost every small puddle formed after rain. The adults were well hidden so it might indeed have been Agile frog eggs!

The only mammal crossing our road today was a brown hare, but tracks of other forest inhabitants were imprinted on the drying soil. We could easily identify some badger and roe deer’s tracks.

The one and a half hour hike was awarded by a picnic in the middle of the Bear Garlic meadow, plant that we used fresh as a side dish to our sandwiches!